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Current and competitive rates from Southern Security tailored for you.

Credit unions are known for having lower rates on loans and higher yields on deposit accounts. You can see for yourself all of Southern Security’s current rates. But in addition to providing great rates, Southern Security’s fees are low or may not even exist for items you may pay for with other financial institutions. So be sure to take all of these factors into account when determining where to place your hard-earned savings, your checking account or where to finance your home, auto or anything else.  

All Southern Security loans are calculated using simple interest, and there is never a pre-payment penalty! And, with excellent credit, you may qualify for our lowest rate! For a nominal fee you can see your credit report from all three reporting agencies and your credit score, and check out these related articles for more information on credit scores: Give Yourself the Credit You Deserve or Get Your 3-in-1 Credit Report with New Online Tool.

Share Rates

As a share holder of Southern Security your rates are presented as dividends on all deposit accounts.  

Loan Rates

Southern Security offers competitive rates on loans tailored for you. And all Southern Security loans are calculated using Simple Interest with no pre-payment penalty. Southern Security looks at more than your credit score in determining your rate and credit worthiness. Did you know that you can check your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus annually for free? By checking your credit in advance of applying for a loan, you can see what outstanding elements may affect your borrowing ability. See Related Links for additional resources.
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Do you have a family member who is already a Southern Security member? Or, do you work for one of over 500 of our sponsor companies?

You may not be eligible for membership at this time. Please call 1-888-842-6328 or visit a branch for further assistance.