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Safe Deposit Box

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What is it?

A safe deposit box is a place where you can store important documents, jewelry, foreign currency and more.  There are a variety of sizes of boxes available to best meet your need.  Southern Security offers safe deposit boxes at the following locations:  Bartlett, Hickory Hill and Chickasaw Gardens (Poplar).

How does it work?

The safe deposit box is part of a full unit of boxes maintained in the vault of the credit union.  You rent a box for a one-year term that is priced by the size.  You are issued a key to your box and the credit union has a key.  It takes both keys to open the box.  Southern Security maintains an Access Card or log for your box so that there is a record of each visit.  The boxes automatically renew at the end of the month of the anniversary date.  At that time the rental fee is debited from your Share (Savings) Account.

What can I place in my safe deposit box?

You determine what you want to place in the box.  Some place birth and marriage certificates, real estate deeds, car titles, passports, insurance policies, stocks, bonds and other important documents you want to keep secured.  You may also store jewelry, rare coins or any other item that you deem valuable such as old family documents, photos, etc. Some keep photos or scanned copies of the contents.  Others keep a list of contents.  It is suggested that if you keep your will inside, that you have another copy in a location where family members or your executor can retrieve it.

What can I NOT place there?

The contents of your box are generally up to you, however, there are a few restrictions.  You cannot place US currency, explosives, loaded firearms or illegal contraband.  Again, it is suggested that if you keep your will inside, that you have another copy in a location where family members or your executor can retrieve it.

Who has access to my box?

In short, only you and anyone you have given access to on the box agreement.  This is a separate agreement specific to the safe deposit box.  If you have a joint owner on your savings account and they are not on the card agreement, they are not allowed access to your box.  If you have given a key to someone for safe keeping, they are not allowed access.  That said, a court can require that your box be opened and the contents reviewed or even confiscated.

Are my box contents insured?

No. In case of the destruction of the vault and cabinet there is no insurance on the contents.  It is strongly encouraged that you keep a list of the box contents in a separate, safe location.

When can I access my box?

You have access to your box at any time during normal business hours for the specific location.  The box is typically used for materials that you do not need to access regularly.  However, there are no restrictions to the number of times you visit.

How do I get a box?

Contact the manager or head teller at the location where you would like to rent a box.  You will be able to select from the boxes available at that time.

Quick Reference

  • There are three Southern Security locations with Safe Deposit Boxes:  Bartlett, Hickory Hill and Chickasaw Gardens (Poplar).
  • Price of box is based on the size of box and is rented in one-year increments with automatic renewal.
  • Boxes are secured inside the vaults at the three locations and are available to you during normal hours for that location.
  • Only the signers of the box agreement can gain access to your box.
  • Generally, you can place inside whatever important documents, jewelry, rare items you wish.  But there are restrictions against US currency, explosives, contraband and any illegal substance or material.
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