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Travel Card

Travel Cards

Quick Reference

  • This card has the convenience of a debit card without the need for a checking account.
  • Helps you control spending as purchases cannot exceed the amount available on your card.
  • When you need a card to make a purchase online or to tie to an online account (such as PayPal) this is the perfect option.
  • Load the card now. Add more funds at any time. You are allowed to add as little as $100 to your card but your balance may not exceed $5,000.
  • There is an online management tool for you to track your spending.
  • Want to spend more? Then add more to the debit card. You can load additional funds onto the card simply by contacting Southern Security or going to the online management tool.
  • Use it anywhere! Southern Security‚Äôs Travel Card is accepted wherever you see the VISA logo displayed.
  • This card is a great option when traveling, if you do not have a checking account or you need to provide funds to your child who may be away from home.

Application & Approval

  • There is a cost for the card and each load.
  • There is no application to complete.
  • Available in-branch only.
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