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Share and Certificate-Secured Loans

These loans can help in the building or re-building of credit.  Here’s how they work.

Your deposit or certificate is held (frozen) at Southern Security but continues to earn dividends.  You make a loan against the amount (full or partial).  As that loan is repaid, the hold is removed, freeing your funds for use. 


  • No credit approval required, therefore no inquiry on your credit report.
  • You continue to earn dividends on the full amount in your savings account or certificate, regardless of the amount secured for your loan.
  • Your loan rate is lower than any other personal loan types, including credit cards.
  • Southern Security reports the loan to the credit bureaus.  This shows that a traditional financial institution is willing to offer you credit.
  • If you sign up to repay through payroll deduction, you should make each loan payment for the full amount and on time (as long as you’re on the job).
  • Southern Security reports your repayment history to the credit bureaus that shows you are making full payments on time (no partial pays or slow pays).
  • As you repay the loan and your balance decreases, so does the hold on your savings.  That is, the amount secured is reduced to match the amount you owe.  This is very different from most other financial institutions which will keep the entire amount frozen until the entire amount is repaid. 

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