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Overdraft Options with Southern Security

Southern Security offers options that add on to each other to give comprehensive coverage.

Overdraft Protection takes available funds (those above your required balance of $25) from your Savings Account and automatically transfers exact amount needed to cover your transaction to your checking account. There is NO FEE for this and transfers can occur as often as needed. All checking account holders have Overdraft Protection.

Overdraft Security. If there are not sufficient funds in both your Checking and Savings accounts then Overdraft Security can apply. This is a courtesy program which allows your account to overdraw up to $500, including fees. This feature is often very helpful if an emergency arises, if there are holds on funds or when certain items, repairs, or bills need to be paid. Overdraft Security allows checks and ACH debits, Debit MasterCard transactions and ATM withdrawals to clear your account even if you do not have enough funds in your checking and savings accounts.

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