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Checking (Share Draft) Account

The best checking account – ever! Don’t be fooled by imitations of free checking accounts where you actually end up paying for the account. No such false promises here.  Instead we offer a great Checking (Share Draft) account with lots of FREE benefits.


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Free Checking

This account features many benefits including Debit MasterCard, 24/7 access to your funds and a nationwide surcharge-free ATM network. And if that’s not enough, it earns dividends but has no minimum account balance requirement.  This is a very popular option for those on the go.

Quick Reference for Checking

  • No minimum balance or deposit required
    • You’ll love the flexibility and convenience of our checking account because there is no minimum balance to maintain. You can withdraw your funds when needed without worrying about falling below a required minimum balance.
  • No monthly or annual service fee
    • Compare Southern Security with other financial institutions’ checking accounts and you’ll discover that we are one of the few that has no monthly service charge AND no minimum balance requirement.
  • Earns Dividends
    • This account pays you dividends with as little as a $750.00 daily balance.
  • Debit MasterCard/ATM Access
    • This card allows you the ability to make purchases and request cash-back. The Debit MasterCard also serves as an ATM card, giving you access to over one million ATMs worldwide. Our card is accepted any where you see the MasterCard sign. Initial card is free.
  • Automatic Overdraft Protection
    • With Overdraft Protection Southern Security will automatically transfer the necessary, available funds* from your Savings account to cover any deficit should your Checking (Share Draft) account be overdrawn. There is no charge or limit on the number of transfers per month. This service is automatic for all checking account holders.

*From available funds; Southern Security will maintain the $25 minimum required balance in your Savings account.

  • Check-Writing Privileges
    •  This includes all manners of check-writing that includes MyCU Bill Pay as well as paper drafts.
  • MyCU Bill Pay
    • Southern Security offers My CU Bill Pay. With this secure online bill payment system, you can pay all your bills from your home or office computer. You have unlimited number of payments per month and the service is free. No more checks, stamps or trips to the mailbox!
  • Overdraft Security
    •  Overdraft Security* is a courtesy program which allows your checking account to overdraw up to $500, including fees, to pay checks, ACH debits, Debit MasterCard transactions and ATM withdrawals. While there is an overdraft fee for each occurrence, there is never a fee unless you use the service.
    • See Overdraft Security FAQ for more information.
    • Sign up for Overdraft Security.

*Overdraft Security is a courtesy service offered exclusively to those with a checking account. Transaction types that are eligible for courtesy pay include and are limited to: ACH transactions, Drafts, ATM withdrawals and Debit Card transactions. Member must opt in to have ATM and one time Debit Card transactions covered.  The maximum overdraft amount is $500 (including a fee of $26 per occurrence) and members have 30 days to bring their account back up to ≥ $0. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and Southern Security reserves the right not to pay. This service may be rescinded by Southern Security or by the member at any time. Overdraft and fee amounts are subject to change.  This service is not available for the first 60 days from the date the account is open.

  • Access to CheckView: free online check imaging within CU Online 
  • Free* checks for members age 65 or older 

Contact Southern Security to place your first check order after you reach the age of 65.

*one free box of checks per year

  • More outstanding features:
    • No limit on the number of withdrawals per month
    • Unlimited ATM use and free if using Southern Security ATMs
    • Monthly statements
  • Application & Approval

Application & Approval

To request a Checking account complete a Checking/Share Draft Application.

  • A credit report will be requested and approval is required.
  • If Southern Security is unable to approve the account, an ATM card will be substituted for the Debit MasterCard and any payroll deposit designated for the checking account will be deposited in the Primary Share Savings Account.
  • If you are not able to be approved for the desired account you can re-apply after a minimum of six months.  Re-application includes another check of credit.

For more information about this account please see the Membership and Account Agreement.

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Do you have a family member who is already a Southern Security member? Or, do you work for one of over 500 of our sponsor companies?

You may not be eligible for membership at this time. Please call 1-888-842-6328 or visit a branch for further assistance.